Our attorneys:

  • have served in leadership positions at the highest levels of federal government, where they engaged with issues featured on the front page of news and business publications.
  • pride themselves on resourcefulness and flexibility to leverage legal, political, and media strategies, as appropriate, in response to complex issues.
  • nurture diverse networks to capitalize on their understanding of government processes and macro-political considerations which drive investigative and prosecutorial decision-making, legislation, policy and rulemaking across the federal government.
  • defend against adverse social-media campaigns and understand how to mitigate reputational attacks against clients’ online brands and influence, concurrently representing their legal interests.
  • have experience with investigations touching six continents.

Our clients:

  • hire us to assist in matters ranging from high-profile, multibillion-dollar litigation to resolving complicated, unflattering matters with discretion and tact.
  • rely on us to advise confidently on consequential, split-second decisions when information is imperfect and time is of the essence.